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Uaine (Born to nobility, Well born, Young Warrior)

Ualtar (Strong fighter)

Ualteir (Army ruler)

Ubaldo (Peace of Mind)

Ubel (Evil)

Udale (From the yew tree valley)

Udall (From the yew tree valley)

Udalrico (Merciful ruler)

Udell (From the yew tree valley)

Udo (Prosperity, fortune)

Ulbrecht (Form of Albert)

Ulderico (Merciful ruler)

Ultan (An Ulsterman)


Val (Strong)

Valbor (Mighty Mountain)

Vance (Dweller at the windmill)

Vandrad (Son of Osvin)

Vanja (Form Of Vanya)

Vannes (Grain fans)

Vanni (God is gracious)

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Vardan (From the green hill)

Vardon (From the green hill)

Vareck (From the fortress)

Varek (From the fortress)

Varick (Protecting Ruler)

Vartan (From the green hill)

Vasilios (With royal blood, Regal)

Vasilis (Royal)

Vasily (Royal)

Verna (From the alder grove, Spring-like)


Wagner (Wagon driver)

Walby (From the Welshmans dwellings)

Walcot (Old cottage)


Xalbador (Saviour)


Yael (One who produces)

Yago (Supplanter)

Yohann (Form of johan)

York (From the farm of yew trees)

Yrian (Earth-Worker, Farmer)

Yrjan (Earth-Worker, Farmer)

Yura (Farmer, To work the earth)

Yuri (Farmer, To work the earth)

Yurik (Farmer, To work the earth)

Yurko (Farmer, To work the earth)

Yusha (Farmer, To work the earth)

Yves (Archer)

Yvet (Archer)

Yvon (Archer)


Zacarias (Remembered by God)

Zach (Remembered by God)

Zack (Remembered by God)

Zackery (Remembered by God)

Zain (God is merciful)

Zaine (God is merciful)

Zak (Remembered by God)

Zakari (Remembered by God)

Zakary (Remembered by God)

Zan (Clown)

Zander (Protector of mankind)

Zane (God is merciful)

Zarek (May God protect the king)

Zayne (God is merciful)

Zhorka (Farmer, To work the earth)

Zia (Splendour, light)

Zoello (Son of Zoe)

Zoellus (Son of Zoe)

Zosimos (Lively)

Zosimus (Lively)

Zotico (Lively)

Zoticus (Lively)